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The professionals

The professionals from the team of De Naro Papa are strongly keen to listen and, thanks to their experience and specialisation, offer personalised legal assistance to a wide variety of commercial entities – from private clients and entrepreneurs to small and medium enterprises.


Companies and private clients can rely on the fact that all the lawyers of the law firm have many years of experience in their respective areas. This is key in order to understand the legal question behind the facts, find the appropriate solutions and be able to protect the interest of the clients in every situation.

Personal relationship

Each client is unique for us. Working in a market where many law firm have chosen standardised services, our strengh is that we personally dedicate our time and resources to clients, with a flexible and direct approach, according to the needs of the client.


A lot of law firms claim that they are expert of all fields of law and are suitable for everyone. De Naro Papa instead focus the attention on private clients and small to medium enterprises (SME) and on civil, commercial, company and employment law. Within this scope, each of us has their area of interest and particular specialisation, as described in our profiles below.

International approach

Carlo De Naro Papa – for European clients – and Hugo Alberto Pruzzo – for Latinamerican clients – have a wide experience of assisting international business clients, not just speaking their languages (they both speak English and Spanish) but also understanding their distinctive features and needs.

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